About Leilani

From Resentful and Stuck to Joyful and Energized

To say I was lost and confused was an understatement.

Before marrying my husband, you would have found me traveling the world, meeting incredible people, and having amazing experiences. Now, I was stuck at home with a crying baby on my hip, a checklist a mile long and where was my husband? He was traveling the world with people who he could actually communicate with him.

I thought, “this is not what I signed up for.” The resentment started to creep in. Anything my husband would say to make me feel better, I would use against him and ultimately it would make the frustration deeper and our relationship weaker.

Something had to change but I did not know at the time that, that something had to be me.

Coaching came knocking at the door when I decided that I could help people with their finances. I was able to help organize our budget and we paid off the 50k of student loans in 17 months. So I thought I would coach others to do it. This is where the adventure began.

I sought out different programs and coaches and asked them to teach me their ways. Soon after I started my financial coaching business, I realized that my life had drastically changed but it wasn’t with money. I was applying the skills that I had gained in my marriage and making changes in how I handled this challenging aviation lifestyle I live.

I realized that the resentment I had towards my husband was weighing me down and there were cracks in our marriage. I relied too much on my husband to make me happy and I was upset when he couldn’t produce the life that I wanted.

After seeing the dramatic changes in myself and ultimately the changes that were happening and continuing to happen with my family, I knew I had to share the light and hope with other women in the aviation industry.

The Pilot Wife Coach was created and I can’t wait to meet you and see you make the transformation that you are eager to create.

Image of Leilani and her husband

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