From Resentment to Joyful With This One Thing

Image of Leilani jumping on a rooftop

As I looked around my life, I was doing all the things but yet I felt alone and forgotten. I wanted to blame my results on my husband. 

I believed that because I had sacrificed so much for him and his career, I deserved…something. I really didn’t know what I wanted but by golly, he better figure it out soon or else he didn’t love me.

I know it sounds crazy. Because it was.

I was putting my husband in charge of my happiness and obviously, he was going to fail at it. Even if he rolled out the red carpet for me, my brain was going to find something else he didn’t do or something he did do that was wrong.

Cue coaching. I was starting my financing coaching business and learned the tools that would help my clients to handle their money. As they were learning to handle their money, I was learning how to apply those tools to my own life.

As I started applying, learning, and growing, I did this one thing that changed the trajectory of my life.

I took accountability.

I had to choose if I was going to be happy on my own or if I was going to wait for Kyle and the world to figure out how to make me happy. 

Once I made that choice, a weight was lifted. My eyes were open. The skies started singing… Alright enough with the cheesiness but you get what I am saying.

When you decide that you are going to be accountable for your own happiness, the world is yours and nothing can stop you.

No longer do you wait for your husband to say the right thing or wait for friends to call you for a Girls Night. No longer do you wait to start that singing lesson you have always wanted to do or that degree you have been wanting to finish. 

When you are accountable for your happiness, the world no longer owns you. 

Take the first step to taking back your own happiness and book a Discovery Call today.

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