The Resentment Cure

Are You Tired of Feeling Resentful and Stuck?

There’s So Much Joy to Be Had

Only people like you and me know the true depth of what it means to hold the title of a Pilot Wife. It’s not just that your spouse is gone the majority of the week but the sometimes crippling responsibilities that you bear on a day-to-day basis can be just that. Crippling. Because you bear so many responsibilities you resent your husband because he isn’t home more to help and you begin to think, did I marry the right person? This can’t be sustainable. This can be a poison that not only damages your relationship but ultimately your family.

This was me and my spouse. I resented him so much for living the life that I wanted. Connection with the outside world, meeting new people, seeing new places. And there was me, stuck at home to walk the dogs, make sure the bills were paid, oh yeah and keep the kids alive. But who was going to take care of me? I learned the answer to that question. I’ll let you in on a secret. It wasn’t my spouse.

There’s So Much Joy to Be Had

No matter how chaotic your life seems, there is joy to be had and shared. I’m proof. And no my spouse did not stop being a pilot and no we do not live in base. Our life was and is as crazy as ever but I decided to attack the problems I was facing and like a scientist, analyze the problems I was facing and try and try new solutions.

Everything I was doing was wrong. Giving my spouse a list of things he had to do to make me happy. Throwing books at him to read and to apply. Shaming him for not being more of a great husband because I was not happy. It really only made matters worse. After putting the lessons and skills that I had discovered to work in my relationship and life and seeing the difference it made, I couldn’t keep it to myself. I started to share little nuggets of wisdom as I found them. On the side, I began putting together a program to lead a woman in chaos from resentment to joy. When I finished my quest, my marriage had transformed, my self-esteem had reached new heights and my home was filled with more peace and joy.

What I had created for my life was a great start, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted other Pilot Wives to feel and experience the transformations that I have experienced. I wanted to build a program where they felt safe, heard as well as they were going to receive tangible results that would change their lives.

My one-of-a-kind one-on-one coaching program is exclusively for pilot wives who want help to let go of their resentment and create more joy in their life. Through a series of exercises, activities, weekly coaching, and always-on support, I’ll guide you every step of the way toward the life you want all while your spouse is still a pilot.

Imagine for a Moment

Imagine knowing, with certainty, that the joyful life where you show up unequivocally, handling challenges and the chaos with grace and joy existed. How would you act? What would you do, say and even wear? Right now it may seem impossible, it did for me, but trust me when I say you can have the life that you want once you have gained the skills to achieve that life.

A Joyful Soul

Replace the resentment towards your spouse and with love and gratitude

A Thriving Marriage

Stop blaming your spouse for the chaos and learn to thrive in any given circumstance

A Confident Mind

Create the confidence you need to tackle any challenge that you and your family might face

Are You Ready to Take the First Step to a More Joyful Life?

Friend, you have come to a critical point. You are living this chaotic life and you can’t seem to get ahead and have lost yourself during the process. But now you have two options. You can reach out for help and not from just any coach. But a coach who is living this chaotic, crazy, and sometimes unpredictable lifestyle alongside you. Or you can figure it out by yourself enough to get by and that’s okay. I believe you will figure it out. But if you are ready to not only figure it out enough to get by but you are ready to create different, amazing, mind blowing results faster, I invite you to choose the first option and click the button below and take the first step to shed the resentment and open yourself up to more joy.

I can’t wait to meet you on the other side.

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